The plan “Rooms of Art 2011″ comes from an original idea by the Amalberto family ,the hotel’s owners, during the spring and summer time of 2011.They wanted to pay homage to the greatest artists of their land, dedicating, to each of them, a painting, frescoed on the walls of 16 of the 25 rooms of their hotel

The anthology gathers literature and art and it’s inspired by Vittorio Alfieri, Cesare Pavese, Augusto Monti, Beppe Fenoglio, Italo Calvino, Giorgio Faletti and Paolo and Giorgio Conte.

For the development of the project was important collaboration with the journalist and the photographer Silvia Giordanino Videoreporter Franco Rabino who shared with the owners, the enthusiasm, creativity and freshness of these 17 guys who have interpreted and implemented in full freedom, their works.

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